This Bootcamp is designed with one purpose in mind; to offer time, place, feedback and accountability to complete your manuscript. You should only consider attending this bootcamp if you plan on completing your manuscript within the next 60 days.  Your attendance to this bootcamp will also include personal coaching and all the services available to you through PCG. There will be 2 a year so start planning now. Join our mailing list to find out when the next one will be coming up and some of the specials for attending.

With our How-to webinars you can learn about various aspects of writing and publishing. Learn from the comfort of your home and on your time.

Some of our upcoming webinars include:

  • Manuscript Outline (I Have an Idea, Now What?)
  • Content Development (Organizing Your Material)
  • What the Editor Knows
  • POD/Self-Publishing/Tradionial Publishing and Knowing the Difference

Ready to broaden the range of people who can benefit from your message by expanding that message from the medium of talk to print?  Write the Talk workshops can help you:

  • Take Your Message from Talk/Speech to Published Book
  • Helping Lecturers, Public Speakers, and Motivational Speakers Take Their
  • Messages to Readers

Do you find yourself saying…I don’t have the time. Writing is not my thing. I just can’t seem to get my message on paper the way I want.

Benefits of Write the Talk workshops include:

  • Learning how to outline your thoughts and information
  • Discover the perfect format for your topic
  • Exploring how to have your readers connect with you like your live audience do
  • Understanding how to have your book bring in additional income, add to your crelk dibility and open more speaking opportunities
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