Book Completion Package is just that, we complete your book for you. This means all you do is provide us with the framework. This framework is your fingerprint on the book—because at the end of the day the book is yours. The following is a list of what you need to do to help us help you:
Coming up with an attractive cover that captures the concept of your book and readers' attention is both crucial and tricky. The cover is what gets people attracted to your work; it has to be an eye-catcher. We will help you develop your cover concept and produce it for you.
EXPLORER Writing a book has crossed your mind and you've got a good idea to write about, but you're not sure if it's bankable and you're not sure what your options are with regards to getting published. We will sit down with you and inform you of  everything it will take to produce a good book, including how to get the writing process started, where it should lead you, and how we can help you along the way. We will also help you decide whether self-publishing or mainstream  publishing offers the best avenue for your book to generate revenue.
Ebooks are a great source of revenue. They are also a powerful vehicle for getting your book out there. Unfortunately, there are over 15 different Ebook formats. We will find and produce your book in the format that is best for you.
From First Draft to Ready for Print!The Author’s Greatest ResourceProviding Authors with everything they need to get where they want to go. No matter how great a writer you are, you’re going to need an editor. If it makes you feel better, every best seller you’ve ever read has been subject to at least one of the following editorial processes:
You may have a good storyline or outline for you book, but it could be missing certain elements.     Key factors like Premise, Plot Structure, Pacing, Characters, Dialogue or Marketability need to be developed and balanced for a great book.
We can provide a tailor-made manuscript-to-print package meeting you wherever you are with your manuscript. The benefit of this package is that you will get one-on-one personal attention until your book is in print. The package is based on your timeline. Best of all you receive a discount on any of the services we provide while going through the process.
This is the final step before your manuscript is ready for print. The format of this is critical because this is what goes into the readers hands. Whether your book is going to be printed by a printing company or POD, how the inside of your book looks matters.