Working With Our Youth


The number of children in America that qualify as troubled youth is staggering, and that number is growing by the minute. However, these so-called troubled youth didn't magically fall from the sky like rain drops. Scattered throughout those numbers are our sons, daughters, brothers, nieces, nephews, cousins, family friends, and neighbors. That's right, those numbers represent youth we interact with every day. And guess what? Before any of them stumble into serious trouble, each of us has a variety of opportunities to positively impact them in ways that can alter their lives for the better. We don't have to be experts or professionals such as policy makers and social workers to make a difference with our youth. We just have to make a commitment to get involved. This book is a simple and easy to read guide to help everyday people identify the best ways for them to get involved with Working our Youth.

Jamel Bragg was a troubled youth himself. His journey as a troubled youth led him from the foster care system, to a life of selling drugs, to a violent lifestyle that landed him a life sentence for murder. After accepting full responsibility for his bad decisions and detrimental behavior, he has dedicated his life to creating and cultivating as many intervention opportunities as possible to prevent today's troubled youth from following the same path he did.


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