Host Chronicles V. 2: Hope Rising

The Host and the human seed of the warrior-angel Sango head up the war against evil while seeking to find and enlist the help of three other human seeds of Sango before the devil’s top demon-lords on earth find them first.

The war between good and evil has officially begun. On one side is the devil's offspring: his daughter Saleena; his son Simon; and his chosen heir, a set of adolescent-looking quadruplets known as Wille Von Macht. On the other side is Makeda Sabas—the sword-wielding half-angel/half-human champion of humanity also known as the Host—and her partner Nathaniel "Nat" Brenner—a magic-sword wielding offspring of an angel named Sango. But there's a sibling rivalry brewing in the devil's clan, and Wille Von Macht has kidnapped Saleena's reaper boyfriend, Izzy, and usurped Simon's demon army. The race is now on to find three other human Seeds of Sango, a race that leads to an unlikely alliance, a demon siege on an entire American city, and the emergence of three deadly reapers known as the Collectors. Who will find the three Seeds of Sango first, and how will they tip the scale of the war?
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