Writing a book has crossed your mind and you've got a good idea to write about, but you're not sure if it's bankable and you're not sure what your options are with regards to getting published. We will sit down with you and inform you of everything it will take to produce a good book, including how to get the writing process started where it should lead you, and how we can help you along the way.  We will also help you decide whether self-publishing or mainstream publishing offers the best avenue for your book to generate revenue.

One of the ways we would like to be of service is walking you through each of your own personal concerns and situation. There are many sites that can assist you with this but we at PCG believe in that one on one personal touch.  You have the option of email consulting, on the phone or attending a live event or webinar.

Choose the option that you are most comfortable with and will fit your budget.

Services you may consider at this stage:

  • Consulting
  • Manuscript Development and analysis
  • Reading Structure
  • Organizational Development
  • 1st Draft Review
  • Editorial Services
  • Formatting for eBook/Printing
  • Book Cover Design



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