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A young Atlantic City drug dealer rises to the top of the game before his mentor is gunned down, forcing him to flee to New York where he plots and plans a retaliation Atlantic City will never forget.
Manny Black fled the notorious streets of Colon, Panama as a deadly fugitive.   After crossing dangerous paths with a group of Cuban gangsters and meeting the love of his life, Manny becomes the leader of the M3 Boyz with his hotheaded brother Rico. Their rags to riches story is filled with an inside look at urban love, treachery, and a passion for cash.  This book finally provides the answer to that age old question... Does crime really pay?
After 8½ years in prison. Manny Black the former leader of the notorious M3 Boyz makes parole! Thanks to the business savvy of his close friend Edeeks, Manny’s illegal drug profits have been nurtured into a multi-million dollar legitimate business. His new life on the
In Tha Twinz’ third and final installment of their best selling series Crime Pays,  Manny Black once again finds himself in a battle with the Cuban crime family Los Marielitos, a fight he thought was long forgotten, but this time he’s prepared to bring the drama...
A teenager’s journal documenting how he allegedly turned a quite Mid-Western factory town into a cesspool of drugs, violence, and corruption.
Three quick-to-pull-a-trigger older sisters struggle with questions of sexuality, weighed down by trust and intimacy issues, and caught in a feud with a deadly Chinese mafia. Am I my brother’s keeper? is a question. Sisters’ Keeper is a fact. There is no greater bond to have, and no deadlier line to cross.