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Boardwalk Kingpins

A young Atlantic City drug dealer rises to the top of the game before his mentor is gunned down, forcing him to flee to New York where he plots and plans a retaliation Atlantic City will never forget.

Fourteen-year-old Mike Clark spends his nights peering out at the chaos beneath his bedroom window in one of Atlantic City's most notorious housing projects. When a chance encounter with the neighborhood kingpin, Safi, presents an opportunity to do more than just watch, Mike jumps on it. Safi takes Mike and his three friends—Qua, KC, and Spank—under the wing and it isn't long before the boys are rolling in the money. Things only get better for Mike when he finds love in Safi's beautiful but sheltered younger sister, Bree. Everything seems to go just as Mike wants until a rival dealer launches a murderous attack that leaves Mike, Bree, and Qua alone and running for their lives. They flee to Bree's cousin in the Bronx and Mike discovers that there was much more to Safi's taking an interest in him than he could have ever imagined. The news makes Mike even more determined to seek revenge. The question is can he extract revenge and get what's left of his family out of the drug game without getting arrested or killed in the process.
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