Sunday, 24 March 2013 17:06

Legend of Greenboy

A teenager’s journal documenting how he allegedly turned a quite Mid-Western factory town into a cesspool of drugs, violence, and corruption.

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Sunday, 24 March 2013 17:09

Boardwalk Kingpins

A young Atlantic City drug dealer rises to the top of the game before his mentor is gunned down, forcing him to flee to New York where he plots and plans a retaliation Atlantic City will never forget.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015 11:46

The Perfect Therapy

Dr. Jonah Johnson is successful sex therapist and author, strikingly handsome and wealthy. Although his sexual escapades rival those of ancient rakes like Don Juan, Jonah always knew that he wanted something more. His sexual liberation is tied to his desire for love, and any woman that desired to be in his world would have to be greatly in tune with her sexuality.

Tasha Samuel is an attractive Sports Agent, whose clientele consists of some of the world’s greatest athletes. Her boyfriend is a professional basketball player whose sexual exploits are as legendary as his moves on the court. Tasha, however, has had very few sexual experiences and feels very intimidated when her boyfriend proposes to her. After attending one of Jonah’s seminars, she thinks she has found the solution to her dilemma. Tasha decides to have Jonah “tutor” her sexually.

From lofts in New York City to the steamy streets of Rio de Janerio, this steamy romance takes the reader on a journey of sexual liberation and self-discovery. Will Jonah be able to make Tasha the perfect woman for her boyfriend, or will he create the perfect woman for himself? Will Tasha get married after gaining her newfound sexual freedom or will she fall in love with Jonah? The Perfect Therapy is a splendid mixture of erotica and romance, passion and suspense, which will have the reader begging for more.


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Power of the D…


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